Todd’s Hammer

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3,73/5 (1269 ratings)


Formato Lata 44cl
Brewery Amager Bryghus
País Denmark
Estilo IPA - Imperial / Double
ABV 8,5%
IBU 30

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  1. This beer is made in collaboration with Todd Haug, Chicago, IL, USA

Beer has been something more to us than just fizzy alcohol. It has given us each other, coworkers that turned into best friends; our partners in evil. International collaborations that have become lifetime partnerships. We have been lucky to witness a craft beer world where competition existed, but was always friendly, rooted in creating the best craft beer elixir that the beer nerds had ever tasted, until one of our friends created the next amazing beer. The world changes, for better, for worse, but memories and friendships remain. We dedicate this beer to two of our friends gone to soon, the current craft beer world would be completely different without their contributions to our community. Barnaby Struve, brewer and goodwill ambassador, you never stopped introducing us to your good friends, making our world larger and smaller simultaneously; Jonathan Cutler your pursuit of perfection is remembered, also I think you were the reason Urban Dictionary was created. Do I think we experienced the Golden Age of craft beer, yes I do and forever grateful. Hopeful that there are more Golden Ages to come. Community and friendship is everything. Over an amazing beer of course.
Todd & Linda Haug