Talus Sorachi Ace

Untappd ratings
3,79/5 (136 ratings)


Formato Lata 44cl
Brewery Cervesa Espiga
País Spain
Estilo IPA - New England / Hazy
ABV 6,3%
IBU 25

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Talus & Sorachi Ace is the fourth beer in the DUAL HOPS collection that we produce this year. With a hazy look, an intense golden color and a creamy white foam. The protagonists are the hops Talus and Sorachi Ace.

In aroma we find notes of cedar, wood, pepper spices accompanied by a citrus base and brushstrokes of fruity notes of bone type.

Talus and Sorachi Ace hops provide a unique aromatic complexity, with fruity, citrus and spicy notes even made of wood that are exceptionally combined. The Talus, son of the Sabro hops provides notes of oak wood, light notes of coconut and pinaceae. The Sorachi Ace also provides wooden notes but more cedar type, and with a base of citrus notes. Without a doubt, a beer to enjoy calmly and savor each of its nuances.

Malts: Barley malt, wheat malt, oat malt, oat flakes and barley flakes
Hops: Talus and Sorachi
Dry Hopping: Talus and Sorachi