Mango Juice Can’t Lose

Untappd ratings
3,48/5 (256 ratings)


Formato Llauna 40cl
Brewery CRAK Brewery
País Italy
Estilo IPA - New England
ABV 7,0%



Mango Juice can’t lose è la Fruit Juice can’t lose con un’aggiunta smisurata di mango in fermentazione. Profumata come un succo al mango, cremosa come un succo al mango, luppolata come una DDH IPA che sa di mango.»Higher level natural vibes what we give in” Snoop Lion. Vi consigliamo di berla ascoltando Fruit Juice can’t Lose.

Mango Juice can’t lose is Fruit Juice can’t lose with a huge addition of fermented mango. Scented like a mango juice, creamy like a mango juice, hopped like a DDH IPA that tastes like mango. «Higher level natural vibes what we give in» Snoop Lion. We recommend drinking it while listening to Fruit Juice can’t Lose.