Nakamoto Games

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3,78/5 (291 ratings)


Formato Lata 33cl
Brewery Freddo Fox
País Spain
Estilo IPA - Session
ABV 4,9%
IBU 32

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NAKAMOTO GAMES was brewed in cahoots with Espiga, another brewery on the local craft beer scene with whom we have been friends with for many years. We went to New Zealand for both the Whirlpool and the dry-hop additions, looking for something a little different on the nose. A combination of Motueka, Pacific Sunrise and Kohatu deliver fresh pear and lemon curd, as well as an array floral and more delicate herbals aromas for you to explore. A more assertive, juicy citrus character comes through in the glass, balanced by sweet cream biscuit flavours, which we attribute to the pale ale malts meeting the London Ale yeast strain. We wanted to brew something that was enjoyable to the very bottom of your glass; refreshing in this hotter weather, and yet with sufficient depth of flavour to slake your thirst for discovery.