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3,94/5 (776 ratings)


Formato Lata 44cl
Brewery Garage Beer Co.
País Spain
Estilo IPA - New England / Hazy
ABV 6,0%

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After months of waiting for a consignment of old skool classic hops from the west coast of the USA, they finally arrived on our shores.. Working with a new supplier for the first time (Crosby Hops, Big Up DAVE). These classic hops, ALL the C’s and they come with a fierce reputation, so we are pairing them up with modern classics, staples of the Garage hop catalog in 3 different IPA formats. Hence the NEW MEETS OLD, New skool/Old skool hops. For this 6% IPA, we’ve gone for a soft pillowy mouth feel, achieved with insane amounts of flaked wheat and oats. All of this creamyness backed up by citrus, stone fruit and berry profile from the CITRA and CASHMERE hops, all complemented by a healthy dose CHINOOK in the dry hopping.