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4,24/5 (764 ratings)


Formato Lata 44cl
Brewery Garage Beer Co.
País Spain
Estilo IPA - New England / Hazy
ABV 6,5%

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We have been lucky enough to have been selected by Yakima Chief Hops to do a very special collaboration with Washingtons Double R Hop Ranches, growers of some of the best Citra in the Pacific Northwest. What’s even more special is that a f@#k tonne of their best lot of the 2021 harvest Citra has been shipped directly to us to make this IPA. And even cooler again; the Riel family from Double R flew over to Barcelona for the brew.
To showcase this amazing batch of Citra, we decided to brew up a single hop IPA made to be as smooth and juicy as possible. Pushing our mash tun to the limit using dangerous amounts of flaked wheat and oats to conjure up a creamy, silky base beer. On top of this we have layered loads of Citra in the WP and then pushed our IPA rules out the window to dry hop this with monstrous amounts of this great hop. Expect huge citrus bouquet complimented by some passion fruit, pink grapefruit, marijuana and stone fruit notes. This is Juice.